Interior Design and Decorating Columbus Ohio

Jacki Roig

One Day Decorating

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Interior Decorating  Columbus ohio  Interior Designer Decorating for you

I have done virtual (from your home to my home) Interior Designing for clients in the past. Please go to the Virtual Decorating tab if this interests you.  Normally, in 2 short hours, you will have a plan for a room, flooring, paint colors…. whatever you need. With Virtual Decorating, the process will take longer. 

I will make it happen!

Decorating the easy way Makeover a room Decorate a room 

Do you want to Redecorate a room or have a plan to Decorate a room….. in just a few short hours?


Are you looking for Decorating Ideas for your entire home to complete when your time and budget allows? 

Then grab a

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