Living Room Design Ideas That Maximize Luxury

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The concept of luxury in living room design is something that varies from one person to another. Luxury isn’t synonymous with expensive objects. And luxury in the living room is something if done right can make or break its look. The living room is a place open to beautifying, more […]

The concept of luxury in living room design is something that varies from one person to another. Luxury isn’t synonymous with expensive objects. And luxury in the living room is something if done right can make or break its look. The living room is a place open to beautifying, more than a kitchen or bedroom. Moreover, your living room should embody your personality and personal preferences. A living room brimming with luxury can be achieved without spending a fortune. See how!

Bring in Wall Decor

Hanging wall decor all over your living room can bring in an instant luxury look and feel to your living room. If you are on a budget, then you can go for it. If your living room design lacks a focal point, and if you have an inclination to artworks, then you can use it as a focal point. And the good thing is that wall art is available, and you can find one within your budget. The artwork should be oversized enough to catch attention.

Living Room Design

Wall art can be a great conversation starter, only if you prefer ones that are stylish and impactful that can earn you praises. And if you’re on a budget, step out on a quiet evening to local flea markets or profit resale shops. Most probably, there will be artworks sold at moderate prices. But you can also think of the other way- if you are a blessed artist, then you can just create one!

Usher in Sculpture

Placing sculpture in your living room isn’t something everyone might think of, but it is definitely a great way to spark up luxury. Consider buying sculptural pieces that stand out in itself with its beautiful shape, not the ordinary, usual pieces which are circular or straight. You can introduce sculpture on a small scale, unlike the wall decor mentioned earlier. You can either replace the ones with that normal shapes with those having interesting shapes. Circular pendant lights, round chairs, or anything with a sculptural shape is some of the options that you can think of.

Play With Mixes

If you want an elegant and chic luxury living room, then mixing various textures, materials, color to name a few can bring notable changes to the room. This trick is something well suggested by interior designers themselves. But care should be taken not to end up in a mess. It would be great if you combine metal, wood, or glass for a much better and altogether different look.

Living Room

Always be mindful of what you choose to combine, the choice is completely yours, on what all to mix. Single out the ones that match one another, otherwise, the living room design will be weird for sure and destroys the look of your otherwise normal living room. Mixing a pink upholstery with a wooden coffee table, is an instance.

Bring in Textiles

Consider filling your living room with rugs and carpets on the floor and cushion and pillow on the sofa, for a luxurious transformation. Just head out to a flea market or pocket-friendly stores that can owe you textiles that you would love to buy. If you aren’t bothered about the material is second hand, then just go for it.

Living Room Design

Your living room design and the textile that you have opted should be matching with each other. Printed textiles are also worth a great pick. The design on it will itself be unique from the rest and lends your living room design a luxury look. A vibrant textured throw will give the living room a cozy look and feel.

Go for Heirloom

Vintage is the key to achieving a luxury look. And you can find objects brimming with vintage at flea markets, or any shops that you find include inexpensive objects. Vintage wall sconces, boxes or frames are some, to name a few. Large and small accessories can do the task. Antique pieces can do wonders for your living room, without spending a fortune. Sometimes the objects that you bring home will look like the one you bought from a store in France.

Simplicity is the Key

A cluttered living room isn’t luxury. Actually, clutter takes away luxury. So, it will be better if you keep it simple, not filling up with as many objects as possible. The lesser it is, the better it would be. Just forget about objects that you really don’t need, so that the living room design should be more organized. But let all the objects which evoke emotions stay, for instance, any framework to say. A complicated living room design isn’t necessary for achieving a luxury look.

Always choose decor pieces thoughtfully, and the ones that match with the living room design will be better. The key is maximising or giving focus to what you already have. Normally the sofa in your living room might be facing the television, why not think different and place it facing the window or any other sofa? The key here is to find out the focal point and arrange everything around it. No one loves to be in a room full of decor articles around them.

Conceal Television

Most commonly, luxury living rooms are free from any electronic appliance trying to act as a focal point. And if you want to achieve a luxury living room look, then you can consider changing it to another room. And if you don’t feel like removing it altogether, the best thing that you can do is to conceal the television.

There are brilliant options to cover your television set, like a large glass door or wall art, or gallery wall will do the task. But it doesn’t conceal the television completely, it just diverts the attention. While concealing television, don’t leave behind all the wires as well. Wires can be messy and concealing it is as important as concealing the television itself.

Touch up Lighting

Many a time, people spend hours choosing the right home furniture or the colour to paint their walls but don’t give any focus on lighting. Light can add charm and warmth to your home. If chosen properly, lighting can do wonders to your living room. Not just with fixtures, candles can also do the task greatly. Living room lighting is as important as other features combined together. It can be both welcoming and make the living room attractive. You can use lighting to give emphasis to the hangings in your wall, like wall art, at the same time hiding any flaws in your room. Luxury lighting includes chandeliers, wall sconces and designer lamps, that are worth trying.

A well-designed living room will be a perfect spot to welcome your guests to relish with your loved ones. A living room can set the tone for the rest of the rooms. And if you try your hands in experimenting with patterns, colours, textures, then there is no other apt place like a living room. A living room should be three things- cosy, stylish and inviting. And if you yourself are a design enthusiast, then you can try out your inclinations like wall art, or hanging chandeliers etc. From adding wall decor to lighting, there is everything that you can inspire to achieve a promising luxurious look. These ideas are a perfect example of how creativity and planning can bring luxury without spending a fortune.


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