Fatboy is not just furniture and lighting

Jacki Roig

More known in its two domains of predilections, the big mark Fatboy, in its desire to widen your satisfaction puts at your disposal other accessories of daily accompaniment. Without however changing of wake, it remains faithful to its innovations by placing at your disposal of very new articles.

Other accessories of accompaniment proposed by the house Fatboy

Some other small things of daily life are put forward by the brand:

  • Garden tents: very popular in coastal areas, they provide shelter from the summer sun. Also usable in gardens, at the edge of swimming pools.
  • The colored trivets: they are sets copted to make the service more classy and personalized. The colors are varied and available.
  • The sjopper-kees bags: these bags are for domestic use. They can be used for small purchases, at the mall, or at the grocery store. They can also be used for picnics with family or friends. The colors are multiple and can be stowed on occasion.
  • The stripesol parasol: large garden parasol, allowing shelter from the strong rays of the sun. It is solid and wind-resistant even in the sea. It can be used at the threshold of your garden or even at the beach.

This is a presentation of the ranges put forward. These broad categories have their subsets as well, making your choices wider.

The new products of Fatboy

All the time in perpetual evolution and creation, the Fatboy brand see born day by day new lines of articles that come to answer the daily needs of the users. Staying focused on furniture and home accessories, brightens up the life of users. We have here among other innovations:

  • The Lamzac O 3.0: which is a sofa seat in the form of a pouf, very comfortable. It is available exclusively in one seat. You could like it on the choice of colors which is proposed to you.
  • The hammocks with cushion: for your excursions and also of the time spent in the open air in your garden, come to discover this very new model of hammock equipped with its cushion for more softness.
  • The big pop rugs: available in several tones, which can be matched with the decoration of your room, garden, or even living room, these rugs are woven with the greatest possible delicacy. Paradoxically robust, durable, and very soft, they adapt to all spaces.
  • Round outdoor cushions: very comfortable, they can be placed outside in your garden. Its size allows for a quiet nap in the open air.

Thus, Fatboy continues to produce luxury items that meet all the needs of its customers.

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