(PDF) The impact of single family room design on patients and caregivers: Executive summary

Jacki Roig

except the provision of waiting and resting space for families

outside the NICU, and corridors and signage for wayfinding.

As these two environmental factors are identical for Hospital 2,

we can assume that the data are inconsequential.

According to staff, single rooms are superior to open bays in

terms of providing privacy to families and infants. This is most

strongly articulated in Hospital 1, which is limited to SFRs.

However, while the SFR-only NICU is perceived as less stressful

than the SFR portion of the combined unit, very little difference

was found in response to the question ‘the environment supports

the family’s presence and participation.’ This suggests that

common factors that are not associated with the physical

environment may be contributing to stress levels.

Consistent with their high ratings of the physical environment,

members of the nursing staff in Hospital 1 report less stress and

more satisfaction with their job

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25 Awesome Single Wide Mobile Home Living Rooms

Jacki Roig

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Single wide mobile home living rooms are difficult because there are only so many ways you can arrange the furniture. We thought it would be helpful to gather a bunch of photos of beautiful single wide living rooms to help you get ideas for decorating and arranging the furniture. We also found some tips about arranging furniture for small living room.

Tips on Arranging Furniture in a Single Wide

Single wide mobile homes usually have living rooms in the middle of the home with the kitchen and dining room right beside them. The shape is usually boxy and there are many points of entry that hinders furniture placement.

Living rooms should be as functional as they are beautiful. Hopefully, these tips and images will help you achieve that.

Consider your Traffic Patterns

The natural pathway for single wides usually includes a front door, a

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parent and staff perceptions of open ward versus single family room units

Jacki Roig

J Perinatol. 2010 May; 30(5): 343–351.

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Comparative patient progress in open-ward and single family room units

Jacki Roig

length of stay (LOS). Inclusion of infants in the study was

suspended for 90 days before and after relocation to avoid the

time intervals around and during the move to the new SFR facility,

and to ensure that no infant had spent time in both units.

This protocol generated original databases of 133 subjects in the

OPEN unit and 107 in the SFR.

To minimize variability in the statistical comparison groups,

subjects from the original study populations were pair matched

according to PEMR, gender and gestational age. Pair matching

study infants generated comparable demographic subgroups from

each facility design with 81 subjects in each. As the majority of

NICU admissions fall within PEMR groups 2 and 3, these two

groups were combined for analysis. PEMR 4s were considered

separately to determine whether severely ill infants progressed better

in either of the two study facilities. Data for each PEMR subgroup


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