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85 Best Easter Egg Decoration Ideas

Plain old dye? Been there, dipped that. Rather than resorting to the usual Easter tradition of using egg dye, why not try an Easter egg design that’s actually unique? Whether painted, monogrammed, or decoupaged, each and every one of the easy Easter egg decorations and Easter egg designs we’ve compiled here is sure to put a fun, fresh spin on all of your Easter festivities this spring. Adults, teens, and tots alike can all easily get behind each of these festive and family-friendly DIY crafts. (Yes, even the ones that look difficult are actually so simple to recreate at home with a few paint pens and a little bit of patience!)

But with so many ideas (over 80 of them, to be exact!), where should you even begin? Well, we suggest scrolling through these Easter crafts and selecting one that feels most like “you.” Do you want to go modern

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How to Use Soft Spring Colors to Decorate a Sophisticated Easter Table

In this post: Want to set an elegant holiday table but are stumped by all the childlike imagery? Here’s how to use soft spring colors to decorate a sophisticated Easter table.

Soft spring colors Easter table - designthusiasm.com

Let’s face it. It’s not so easy to exude sophistication when you’re working with bunnies and chicks and pastels. 

And yet when celebrating a holiday with family and friends, that’s exactly what feels right. We enjoy honoring the occasion with a special table set with our finest pieces. We can ignore the imagery of the holiday altogether and just set a generic table using the same china over and over. But I love to be conceptual and so I’m sharing how to use soft spring colors to decorate a sophisticated Easter table.

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I’m excited to be hosting the Easter edition of the Styled + Set Holiday Entertaining blog hop this week, with nearly 30 of my talented blogger

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