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Create a Healthier Spring With Feng ShuiCreate a Healthier Spring With Feng Shui
by Yvonne PhillipsYvonne Phillips:
Yvonne Phillips is a National Feng Shui Practitioner, Author and Speakerwith over 18 years of experience. Yvonne is certified with Feng ShuiInstitute International and has trained with world famous Feng ShuiMaster Lillian Too. As owner of Creative Color & Design, sheincorporates Feng Shui principles into both residences and businesses,from small businesses to large corporations.

For many, spring is allergy season, presenting a situation of wanting to be outdoors, but suffering for it. Spring is all about positive energy, but with pollen, cut grass and ragweed, what can we possibly do to keep the allergies away?
Top 7 Decorating Mistakes Top 7 Decorating Mistakes
by Cheryl Sandella
Decorating should reflect our taste and style,
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