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The Real Difference of a Living Room vs. a Family Room

No matter the size of your space, every nook and cranny in your home plays its own unique role. The most glaring example? The living room and family room spaces. Depending on where you live and, more importantly, how you live, you might have one or the other… or both!

There’s no real difference between a living room versus a family room, at least as far as the floor plan is concerned. But the two terms definitely carry different meanings to the people who live their lives between those walls. So we spoke to five interior design experts about these living spaces to discover five key differences that separate living rooms and family rooms.

If you grew up with a relative who covered their high-end living room furniture in plastic, you’ve experienced (quite tangibly) one of the core differences people perceive between living and family rooms. Living rooms are commonly

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What Is the Difference Between Exterior & Interior?

Exteriors are just as important as interiors in design.

Knowing the difference between exterior and interior can help you with dozens of aspects of home decorating and design. A long list of factors need to be considered when choosing specific exterior and interior elements, such as paint and doors, in your home. Knowing how these elements are properly used enables you to create a functional yet stylish home inside and out.


Exterior is defined by Merriam-Webster as “being on an outside surface: situated on the outside” and “suitable for use on outside surfaces.” Dictionary.com defines exterior as “outer; being on the outer side,” and “intended or suitable for outdoor use.” Interior is defined by Merriam-Webster as “lying, occurring or functioning within the limiting boundaries” and by Dictionary.com as “being within; inside of anything; internal; inner; further toward a center” and “of or pertaining to that which is within; inside.”

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Difference Between Family Room and Living Room

Family room vs. living room

There have been so many questions as to when can you call a place in your house a living room or a family room. Sometimes people tend to use these rooms in the wrong manner or interchangeably. They may sound the same but they have so many differences. You can tell the differences between the two through how people use them; how the rooms are decorated and where they are located in the house. The function of the room is the most important determinant on which or what room it is for. Naming it has less significance as to whether it is a family room or a living room.

The main differences in how it is used is that the family room is where the people who live in the house get together, have fun and relax, while the living room is where more formal

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