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Kumpulan Desain dan Denah Rumah Minimalis Modern

Living room and Bedroom idea by Homeshabby.com 

Homeshabby.com -Living room plays an important role in your home. In addition to a space to entertain guests, this space also reflects the personal characters of the owners. Then, how to create a bright and cheerful living room design? Here are some simple tips to do so, even when you have a small living room.

Less is More

When you deal with a tiny living room, avoid the use of furniture which is not really needed, such as credenza or big shelf. If there is already a credenza in your home, make sure that it has multi purposes, e.g. you can use it as a display media, coffee table, and also as closed storage.

The point is, make sure that all furniture can function optimally so that it doesn’t take up the space. Some people think that the more furniture you have the

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