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The Interior Design Industry Becomes More Nimble and Innovative in Response to Crisis

During the outbreak, and with all the social distancing and home isolation measures in place, interior design can serve two purposes. It can offer both a pragmatic solution to beautifying and optimizing the space where we spend 99% of our time, and it can be the perfect escapism tool.

Some interior design Instagram accounts offer great tips for how to go about separating work and play during these trying times, while others are simply the best break from the bleak news, offering cozy or energizing glimpses into what has become “the great indoors.”

Professionals in the interior design industry are currently dealing with their own set of challenges, trying to create a space for beauty, color, symmetry and function in a world that is slightly out of balance for the time being.

To find out more about how the most recent events have impacted designers, what their challenges are and

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