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Freelancer campaign targets “inadequate” coronavirus government support

Advocacy groups and businesses, including the Creative Industries Federation, have written an open letter to the UK government.

The past three weeks have seen the UK government announce a series of emergency financial support packages in a bid to protect the country’s businesses from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The measures, worth billions, include government-paid wages and government-guaranteed business loans. But while unprecedented in size and scope, gaps in the packages threaten to leave hundreds of thousands of the UK’s workers without support. Chiefly these holes have been identified in the government’s provisions for the country’s five million self-employed and freelance workers.

In response, a number advocacy groups have now joined forces to pressure the government into fixing these issues. Led by freelance finance company Coconut, organisations including the Creative Industries Federation, UnderPinned and the Freelance Club have

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The War Against Coronavirus Comes to the Bathroom

illustration of a late-1800s bathroom
A state-of-the-art bathroom of the late 1800s, when concerns about hygiene and infectious disease began to reshape American homes. New York Public Library

Cholera and tuberculosis outbreaks transformed the design and technology of the home bathroom. Will Covid-19 inspire a new wave of hygiene innovation?

If Lloyd Alter were building a new house right now, he’d be sure to add one unusual feature: a bathroom sink in the front vestibule. “We’re going to see a real resurgence of the vestibule, I think,” says Alter, a former architect and design historian who now teaches Sustainable Design at the Ryerson School of Interior Design. “This is a transition zone from the outside to the inside, where you take off your dirty stuff and you wash your hands before you go into the house.”

Alter predicted that disease-avoidance would rise to the fore of bathroom design a few years ago, when

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