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DESIGN 2020 / DESIGN Conference

The DESIGN 2020 conference is POSTPONED!

March, 27 2020

Based on the public health advices and following the opinion of all DESIGN 2020 participants, expressed in the online survey, the Organizing Committee of the 16th International Design Conference DESIGN 2020 decided to postpone the conference until the currently experienced worldwide health crises abate.

The conference is postponed for October 26-29 2020. We are looking forward to seeing you in Cavtat!

Status info regarding COVID-19

March, 19 2020

Since the EU is closing outer borders for the next 30 days and, with the existing travelling restrictions, regardless are those on the intercontinental or institutional level, we want to keep you informed about the DESIGN 2020 conference planning.

The DESIGN 2020 Team is working according to the schedule. At the moment the CUP is doing final typesetting and editing of all the papers. The daily schedule and BoA are under preparation.

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Embedded & VLSI Design Conference

Semiconductors have made real what our ancestors would consider magic. The convergence of technology with modern life has reached a state where dependence of human life on semiconductor technology is ubiquitous. Intelligent systems are revolutionizing a variety of industries to help improve energy efficiency, quality, and flexibility of systems. To achieve these superior experience massive amount of researches are ongoing in the field of algorithms, embedded HW/SW design, IP core design and SoCs. These are well backed up by govt policies, standards and industry forums.

Incredible demand on functionality in a chip in a given power/thermal envelope forcing transistor geometries go smaller which is imposing newer challenges in VLSI design and associated EDA tools/flows/methodologies. In 33rd International Conference of VLSI Design and 19th International Conference on Embedded Design, we plan to bring together all the leaders from industries, academia, industry bodies, government, standard organizations to go over all technology enablers

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Conference & Expo for Creative Professionals

We believe that design is powerful, inclusive and can change the world. We bring together some of the most remarkable design thinkers of our time and innovative design leaders to inspire and educate our community of makers, thinkers and creators.

HOW Design Live has been a destination for creative professionals for nearly 30 years – but don’t just take our word for it.

HOW gave me the creativity boost I didn’t know I needed. I left feeling motivated and excited to start on new projects at work. It even gave me time to think about projects I was currently working on and gave me time away from the computer to sketch and really allow myself time to brainstorm – something I know

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Design of Medical Devices Conference

DMD Conference



The DMD 2020 Conference has been canceled.

Updated March 20, 2020



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