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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Family Room for Luxury and Comfort

In this post: Are you looking to update the room you spend most of your time in? These family room upgrades will add luxury and comfort to your most used room.⇒

smart home family room upgrade

I fall asleep on the couch every night.

No joke.

Our family room is so comfortable that although I’m simply chilling out, or even when I’m finishing my work, I find myself nodding out. Ok, more accurately, flat out sleeping. Y’know, head drooped so low you get lipstick on your own shirt!

But it wasn’t always this way.  In our old house, I never felt entirely relaxed in our family room. It was the largest room in the house and the one with the most promise, but it never quite succeeded in making us feel at home. And I always knew this was my fault. You can decorate a room beautifully, but to really function properly and help you

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Cornerstone Decorating | Creating welcome, comfort, and beauty in your home

Welcome to Cornerstone!Decorating to furnish with something ornamental; to enhance the appearance of something by adding something unessential; relieving plainness or monotony by adding beauty, color or design.

Home Couture the business of designing, making and selling fashionable custom made home furnishings – taking all measurements to prepare custom designs that are individually 

produced, one-of-a-kind creations. There is dressmaker attention to the small details (lining, pattern matching, embell- ishments) that make couture pieces a joy to observe and to own. This level of quality is NOT inexpensive or quick, but is oh so luxurious and magical.

Soft Furnishings examples of soft furnishings would be: draperies and shades, bedding and duvets, tablecoverings (cloths, placemats, runners, napkins) rugs, luxury cushions, throws, pillows, bolsters, slipcovers, upholstered headboards.

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At Cornerstone we believe YOUR HOME is the very BEST place to make important decorating

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