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Design Choices for Family Room (Family Room 5)

I am up to my eyeballs with decorating decisions I have to make for the family room.  Flooring, wall color, new couch, furniture layout, fireplace.  Pretty much everything in the room.  Well I did commit to where I am going to hang the TV, but that’s about it.  It’s so much easier to make decisions about someone else’s house.  Sheesh!


I am definitely going to paint the family room and kitchen the same color.  The kitchen reno isn’t going to start until February.  Both rooms were shades of green before, but the kitchen was lighter.  The easiest choice is to paint both rooms the color the kitchen is now.  But that’s boring.  Why not change it up, right?  Plus I kind of want to wait until I decide on a rug before I decide on a wall color.   But we all know it will be some shade of blue

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Top 5 Exterior House Style Choices


Exterior Style Choices The fun part of designing your new home is the exterior style. You will not need to do more calculating. It is just time to have fun choosing a style that you like.

The style chosen should usually blend in with the other homes in the community and region. Even though the style fits in with the other homes within the community, you can still customize it to reflect your taste.

As a safety factor, consider the resale value of the home with the exterior style that you choose. This may be an important value consideration if the time comes that you decide to sell the home. The five most prevalent styles on the market today include country, traditional, Victorian, Mediterranean, and contemporary.

Country style is the most popular nationwide. Characteristics of the style include a large front or wraparound porch, which is usually covered. The roofline runs lengthwise with

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