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15 Interesting Combination of Brown and Blue Living Rooms

Whenever we see brown and blue together, what do you recall? The mix of warm brown and cool blue feels natural – think earth and sky. Two simple words that seem so much, especially in the art and design industry. We believe that when these colors are not combined in the right amounts it sort of overbearing, but when they are in the right amount and in the right places, they are but special and lovely.

Today, we will be showing you pictures of 15 Interesting Combination of Brown and Blue Living Rooms that will make you change your mind about this great combo! Brown, as a neutral colors pretty much mix well with any color, but when we think blue – maybe royal blue? We have second thoughts, but not in this set of photos. We can say one thing is definite: a rich royal blue and a dark

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75 Inspiring Blue Living Room Photos

In this living room the Christmas season shines in blues and whites.

Photo By: The Inspired Room

Use blue pieces on white walls for a clever way to open up a living room space.

Photo By: Tom Stringer

A solid blue ottoman is a perfect place to keep an inviting coffee table book.

Photo By: Viva Fashion

This blue living room matches a leather easy chair and velvet sofa in similar hues to play on textures.

Photo By: Zoe Feldman Design

The striking blue patterned coffee table in this living room adds color and coordinated beauty.

Photo By: Pretty Handy Girl

The blue lampshade, loveseat and blue-themed gallery wall create a unified color scheme.

Photo By: Shutterfly

A royal blue patterned rug is a solid base for the calmer grayish blue of the easy chair in this living room.

Photo By: Lia Griffith

The white stairwell and sconces give a

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