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Oil lamps provided illumination in some 1920s living rooms.

Oil lamps provided illumination in some 1920s living rooms.

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You could buy a new home in the1920s for under $1,500, according to the People History website. It was, however, a build-it-yourself kit, complete with everything required for assembly. Living rooms were a standard component of almost any 1920s floor plan and reflected colorful interiors with comfortable furnishings. A warm and inviting atmosphere combined with current decorating trends made a 1920s living room both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Color Palette

The color scheme in a 1920s living room was often very colorful. A variety of greens, yellows, blues, reds, browns and violets made up an assortment of 1920s color palettes. For example, jade green, taupe, dark rose and creamy yellow might make up one color scheme, while another palette might consist of rose, tan, violet, grassy green and ivory. The colors were incorporated into a living room through

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1920’s Interior Decorating and Bedroom Furniture

Many homes of this period were decorated in the Arts & Crafts style, variations of traditional Georgian and Colonial styles, or Art
Moderne which embraced the marvels of the Machine Age of the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Lounge Room with Furniture

Improved Quality in Houses and Furnishings

Metal Curtain Hardware

“One who sets out to furnish a given house for the occupancy of a given family faces a three-fold problem. He must select and arrange in
the house such things as suit the age, sex and temperament of the individual members, meet their needs, express their tastes and
aspirations, and fit their purse. He must, moreover, see that the things so selected and arranged suit the house itself, in scale, coloring
and style. Finally, he must see to it that these things are not only suitable but intrinsically good-looking, and that they combine
to form a harmonious and beautiful whole.” …The Principles of Interior Decoration by Bernard

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